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Banana Bunch
Two Raspberries
Sliced Kiwi
Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Peach



Lunch is just as important as every other subject. It provides a student with essential fuel and nourishment to stay focused.

- Bo DiBuono, Founder Happy Kid Lunch




At Happy Kid Lunch, we take food allergies seriously. In fact, our founder has many food allergies himself. We make all of our ingredients available for parents to view. Transparency is key! Our lunch programs are 100% NUT-FREE and offer many GLUTEN-FREE options.


All of our foods are prepared fresh, everyday, on-site. We receive fruit, veggies, and other delicious ingredients each day.  Menu selections include made-to-order wraps, salads, sandwiches and soups. We also offer daily hot lunch specials like Taco Tuesday, Breakfast for Lunch, and Pizza. 


We are a completely cashless lunch program, making it safe, easy, and convenient for parents and schools.  Every student has an account that can be funded online or with a smartphone. Parents are able to see every transaction their child makes on a daily basis. 

Proudly serving
over 7000 lunches per day

Happy Kid Lunch is locally owned and operated, with outstanding staff trained specifically to serve kids.


It has become much bigger than food service, it is about community, giving back, and making an impact.


I just have to say that my kids are absolutely over the top about your lunch program. I told my son he can do it twice a week and he took out his own money today to buy lunch for a third day. It was really cute. So thumbs up on your lunch program.


The new lunch program has thrilled parents and kids alike. It's frankly unusual in general to hear such ubiquitous positivity. When I learned that besides the great choices, ease and improved methods by which lunch is served, Bo and his staff cook the items from scratch, I was beyond thrilled. We are what we eat! 

Carolee, mom 

Thank you so much - this is amazing! I'm sure this was a big undertaking and just want you to know how much peace of mind it gives me to know that I can choose safe food for my son! Much appreciated!

(re: food allergies)  

Elizabeth, mom

I'm so happy you offer so many choices in case she doesn't like the hot food offered that day. She is actually trying new things this year and telling me we should try making it at home. =) 

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